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Chocolate-Whiskey Shot


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A one-of-a-kind experience for whiskey lovers.

Each shot glass is based on a different type of Whiskey with its own unique flavor profile featuring four delectable layers - homemade marshmallow, caramel, ganache, and a crunchy topping.

Explore the pairings:

- Glenfiddich 15 Scotch: scotch-infused homemade marshmallow, scotch-infused light amber caramel, and 45% milk chocolate & scotch ganache. Topped with a thin shell of dark chocolate and crunchy chocolate-covered caramel pieces

- Widow Jane Bourbon: bourbon-infused homemade marshmallow,

bourbon-infused dark caramel, and caramelized white chocolate & bourbon ganache. Topped with a thin shell of dark chocolate and crunchy blonde chocolate biscuit pearls

- The Matsui, peated single malt Japanese whiskey (slightly smokey): Whiskey-infused homemade marshmallow, whiskey-infused light amber caramel, and 65% Madagascar single-origin & whiskey ganache. Topped with a thin shell of dark chocolate and crunchy caramelized cocoa nibs