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What Sets Us Apart

Taste the next evolution of chocolate with ChocAllure and dive into a novel tasting journey for dessert lovers everywhere.

Our creations combine art and science to push the limits of what we have come to expect from chocolate-

Each Chocolate Jewel™is a miniature composed dessert, made with carefully constructed layers, and featuring flavors inspired by the genius of French pâtisserie such as Crème brûlée and dark chocolate tart

Our Story

ChocAllure was born amid the COVID-19 pandemic, when Liron Gal decided to leave the technology world to pursue her lifelong dream of redefining what we think of as chocolate.

Our Maitre Chocolatier Liron was trained in the prestigious Ecole Lenôtre in Paris, as well as the Barry Callebaut chocolate academy in Chicago, under world-renowned chocolatiers such as Jean-Pierre Wybauw, Melissa Coppel, and Frederic Hawecker.


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