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Exclusive Chocolate Gift Boxes to Retain Your Valuable Employees

It’s no secret that employee appreciation is the key to retaining the most valuable assets of your company. As an employer, your goal is to encourage productive employees to utilize their productivity and provide quality work to keep the overall business productivity high. 

In addition to special occasions and festivals, you can also utilize several other opportunities to recognize their hard work and dedication. While there are different ways to achieve this goal, using a chocolate gift box always works. It’s no secret that everyone loves chocolates, even your employees. So, every now and then, you can use exclusive chocolate gift boxes to showcase your appreciation to the hard working assets of your company. 

To help you along the way, we have compiled a quick list of the best corporate chocolate gift boxes tp retain your company’s most valuable assets. 

1. Chocolate Jewels (24 Pieces)

Chocolate preparation is an art and our chocolatiers are artists who carefully implement unique craftsmanship to design the most unique chocolate pieces. 

These jewel-shaped chocolates are designed to melt in your mouth and give you a touch of deliciousness. With 12-18 different flavors, you are always one bite away from exploring a new taste in your mouth. The chocolate jewel box is completely customizable, which means you can personalize it to match your brand’s voice and theme. 

You can further add a note of appreciation to personalize the chocolate box for each employee. 

2. Gourmet Chocolate Bar Gift Set

Everyone loves a bite of chocolate bars during their working hours. You can use our exclusive Gourmet chocolate bar gift set to make your employees’ day more special. 

The gift set contains four limited edition chocolate bars including Creme Brulee bar, Hazelnut praline chocolate bar, Crunchy Caramelized Chocolate Bar, and 64% Madagascar Dark Chocolate and French Sea Salt Bar. 

All these different flavors are a gateway to deliciousness and unique infusions to provide your employees with distinctive tastes. 

3. Coffee Lover Chocolate Jewels

This delightful collection features 6 pieces, including Tiramisu, a blend of espresso gelée, mascarpone ganache, and a crunchy ladyfinger crust. 

Indulge in the Hazelnut Latté, where vanilla bean marshmallow foam complements a milk chocolate and espresso ganache, topped with a caramelized hazelnut crunch. And for the whiskey lovers, Irish Coffee awaits, featuring Glenfiddich 15 whiskey caramel over a rich 64% dark chocolate espresso ganache. 

The gift box is an ideal option for employees who are coffee-fanatics and love different types of coffee flavors. Again, through customization, you have the complete liberty to personalize the chocolate gift box to match your brand’s voice and theme. 


By gifting these delectable treats, you are not only acknowledging your employees' hard work and dedication but also creating a memorable experience that fosters a sense of belonging and gratitude. Our exquisite chocolates are more than just a gift; they are a symbol of your company's appreciation for the contributions of its team members. Show your employees that they are the heart of your organization, and watch as the positive impact on their morale and loyalty results in increased productivity and overall success.