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Surprise Your Mom This Mother’s Day With These Special Chocolate Gifts

Finding the perfect gift for someone who has practically sacrificed their entire life for your happiness comes with a lot of pressure. But don’t panic, we are here to make your gift-hunting job less hectic. 

Even though Mother’s Day is only a week away, you have plenty of gift options to choose from. Of course, whatever you buy for your mother, you can always accompany it with a personalized chocolate box. Such a thoughtful gift will bring a smile to her face and make you showcase how much she means to you. At ChocAllure, our chocolatiers have curated exclusive gift packages that are perfect to surprise your mom and make her feel special.

These gift packages include:

1. Coffee Lover Chocolate Jewels

If you have been a regular customer of ChocAllure, you are most likely to be familiar with our chocolate jewel box. This time we have infused another flavor, i.e. coffee, into these exquisite chocolate jewels to make them rich and flavorful. 

We all know that moms, around the globe, have a soft corner for coffee. And, when it gets combined with chocolate, the resulting flavor is extra special. 

Our chocolatiers have created three different coffee-flavored chocolate jewels including Tiramisu, Hazelnut Latté, and Irish Coffee. So, book your coffee lover jewel box and surprise your mom with rich chocolate flavors infused with the richness of coffee. 

2. Chocoholic Mom Gift Set

Chocoholic Mom Gift Set is a complete Mother’s Day package that contains different chocolate gift boxes to ensure your mom can munch on delicious chocolates whenever she wants. 

The package contains five different chocolate gifts including the 12-piece signature Chocolate Jewels box, a limited-time special Mother's Day wine-infused chocolate jewels box, Coffee Lovers Chocolate Jewels, Salted Caramel Cheesecake XL Chocolate Heart, and Fluffy Passion Fruit Marshmallows. 

With these many chocolates to choose from, your mom will enjoy the coming few days to the fullest. 

3. Wine Infused Chocolate Gift Box

A chocolate jewel box that contains six different wine flavors infused into caramel or pate de to give each chocolate jewel a unique flavor and mouth-watering texture. To capture the full essence of each bottle of wine, it is condensed to one-third of its original weight. 

This concentrated wine is then blended with caramel or pate de fruit and combined with a chocolate ganache to create a harmonious pairing that perfectly complements the wine. This wine-infused chocolate jewel can be a great gift idea for moms who love finer things in life such as exquisite flavors of wine. 


They say that only mothers can love unconditionally. After all, they spend a wide majority of their life worrying about us. So, this Mother's Day, go the extra mile and surprise your mom with these special chocolate gifts. With their exquisite flavors and thoughtful presentation, they are sure to make her day memorable and show her just how much she is loved and appreciated. Explore our Mother’s Day chocolate gift collection to find the perfect gift box for your mother.