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Valentine’s Day and Chocolates: A Match Made by the Gods Above

Valentine’s Day and Chocolates: A Match Made by the Gods Above

Even though no one gives it too much thought, chocolates and valentine’s day have a real connection that’s as pure as the bond shared by two lovers. Even in the 21st century, chocolate boxes and roses are considered to be the most beloved Valentine’s gifts. 

But, instead of exchanging a regular box of chocolates, why not step up your gift-giving game with a personalized valentine’s chocolate box designed around your love story and the heavenly taste of delicious chocolates? At ChocAllure, we can design the most romantic chocolate gift boxes you can give to your partner this Valentine’s day. Our chocolates are fully hand-crafted, which ensures the finest tastes and visually appealing designs that perfectly depict your love stories. 

But, first, let’s take a dive back in history to understand how Chocolates became an all-time favorite Valentine’s gift. 

The emergence of Chocolate Gift Giving on Valentine’s Day

We all know that Valentine’s day has its roots in the Roman era. But, what’s interesting is that chocolates became a part of this romantic day in the mid-19th century, mainly after Richard Cadbury commercialized chocolate bars. 

The gift boxes and chocolate bars created by Cadbury in the 19th century were the main reason why chocolate has such a huge connection with Valentine’s. 

While it’s not clear what made this combination everyone’s favorite, a safe guess would be the heavenly taste of deliciousness that resembles the feeling of love. Not to mention, chocolates have a psychological and emotional effect on people. When you give someone chocolates, it automatically showcases your admiration for the other person. 

Another reason why chocolate has remained a beloved Valentine’s gift is the health benefits it brings to the table. Chocolate (especially dark chocolate) contains antioxidants that keep the heart healthy. 

Following Richard Cadbury’s footsteps, we are committed to making your Valentine’s more romantic with customized chocolate gift boxes. With ChocAllure, you can choose the chocolate colors, add personalized messages, and give a box of deliciousness to your partner. 

In addition to personalized chocolate boxes, we also design jewel-themed chocolate packages where each piece of chocolate looks like a sparkling jewel. These little jewels are shelled in Valrhona’s 62% dark chocolate along with different flavors and fillings to choose from.  

So, if you’ve been planning to gift your loved one something different this Valentine’s day, order a personalized Valentine’s chocolate box from ChocAllure and make your special day more romantic.