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Chocolate-of-the-Month Club

Bonbon Box Size

Enjoy exquisite gourmet chocolates and chocolate gifts year-round with our Chocolate-of-the-Month Club Collection.

Each month includes our 12 or 24 seasonal bonbon box with this season's flavors, plus a limited-time seasonal special.

From tried-and-true favorites like our Caramel kisses tasting experience to innovative treats such as Jumbo Chocolate Hazelnut lattes, this monthly Club is the perfect, decadent gift for every chocolate lover.

How does it work?

The subscription can be paused or stopped at any time through the customer portal.

Either pay-as-you-go, on a monthly basis, or send a gift for a 3 or 6-month prepaid subscription.

Subscription customers enjoy a $15 flat rate shipping year round with our no melt guarantee (will be upgraded to overnight shipping during summer months at no cost- up to $23 discount). 

Some examples of past months' specials:

- January: Hot chocolate penguins

- February: Fruit and nut chocolate hearts

- March: Caramel kisses tasting experience

- April: hazelnut cream chocolate chicks

- May: Jumbo hazelnut latte + Jumbo tea and biscuits cup

- June: Caramel-Hazlenut golf balls

- July: Boozy bonbon collection

- August: 2x special chocolate bars (creme brulee, caramel chocolate)

- September: 3D apples and pomegranates

- October: spooky Halloween collection

- November: 3D apples and Pumpkins

- December: milk & cookies snowmen