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Chocolate Gift Ideas to Surprise Your Best Friend on Her Birthday

They say friendship is something that you choose by yourself. Unlike other relationships in your life, you have the liberty to pick your best friend and that’s the reason why they are so special. And, when we’re talking about their birthdays, it’s your responsibility to make the day extra special for them. 

Of course, you would have already srurpised a great party for them, but you can always go extra mile to make things a bit more special. Yes, we’re talking about adding a surprise element with a customized chocolate box that’s specifically tailored for that special person. It’s no secret that chocolates are an ideal gift choice for every occasion. 

And, when you have the liberty to customize them, the gift automatically becomes a bit more memorable. To help you along the way, we’ve put together a few chocolate gift ideas you can use to surprise your best friend on their birthday. 

1. Chocolate Jewels (24 Pieces)

A chocolate box that contains 24-differently flavored and artistically-shaped chocolate jewels are perfect to be coupled with the gift you’ve chosen for your friend. All these chocolate jewels have different flavors and instantly provide a richness of delicious tate with each bite. If you’re planning to add a personal touch to the gift box, you can also add a customized message and let your words showcase the significance of your friendship.  

2. Chocolate x Praline Hearts

Chocolate x Praline hearts is the perfect gift choice for people who are planning to take their friendship to the next level. This box contains six flavor-rich heart-shaped praline chocolates that provide the perfect combination of flavor and deliciousness. You can pair this chocolate box with other chocolate gift options to craft the perfect gift basket for your friend. And, again, a customized message along with the praline chocolate heart box will make your gift extra special. 

3. Chocolate Jewels (12 Pieces)

Our chocolate jewel box is also available as a 12-piece packaging. Even with small packaging, you get a variety of flavors that’ll make your friend fall in love with chocolates all over again. You can pair the 12-piece chocolate box with other gifts and ensure your best friend continues to remember the day forever. 

4. Hazelnut Praline Chocolate Bar

The chocolate bar contains hazelnut spread coated over conventional milk chocolate that gives it a rich flavor combination. This is an ideal gift choice for a friend whom you’re going to meet after a long time. 


A best friend is one of the best treasures in one’s life. Even though they’ll stand by your side in every situation, it’s crucial to showcase your gratitude to their presence in your life. The above-mentioned chocolate gift options are the perfect surprise gifts you can buy for your best friend’s birthday and make their day extra special.