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Chocolate Gift Ideas to Surprise Your Kids on Easter Sunday

We’re just a week away from Easter Sunday and it’s safe to say that you have already started decorating your home to match the Easter theme. Of course, the sunday will begin with the entire family visiting the church, but real fun won’t begin until the kids get back to the home and start unwrapping their gifts hidden inside the easter basket. 

Like Christmas, kids have a tendency to expect exciting surprises on Easter. Even if you have already bought the Easter presents, you can always take the next step by adding an Easter-themed chocolates in the basket. Kids always have a soft corner for chocolates and when these chocolates are designed in Easter themes, the whole package looks delicious and visually appealing. 

In this quick guide, we’ll walk you through different Easter-themed chocolate gifts you can buy with Chocallure. All these chocolate gift ideas are tailored to meet the Easter vibe so that you can make the holiday extra special for your kids. 

1. Happy Easter Package

The Happy Easter Package is an all-in-one Easter gift option that contains four different limited-edition chocolate-flavored eggs. All these flavors are kids’ favorite and they’ll enjoy munching them down after church. You can lay out these four eggs in your Easter basket and complete the easter theme without any hassle. The four flavors include dark chocolate, hazelnut caramel, S’mores egg, and Strawberry cheesecake egg. 

2. S’mores Jumbo Egg

In addition to the complete Easter package, you can also purchase individual chocolate eggs. Among all the available options, our S’mores jumbo egg is considered to be everyone’s favorite. 

This luxurious Easter egg-shaped chocolate is handcrafted to match the holiday’s theme. Enriched with flavors, the S’mores egg contains three different textures that are blended together to give the perfect taste in every bite. Filled with milk, soy, hazelnut, and wheat, the S’mores Jumbo egg is a delicious yet healthy snack option to surprise your kids on Easter sunday. 

3. Hazelnut Caramel Egg

Hazelnut Caramel jumbo egg is another exquisite Easter-themed chocolate option you can buy on Chocallure. Hazelnut and caramel are probably the two flavours that every child (and even adults) enjoy eating. 

Our chocolatiers have handcrafted these delicious hazelnut caramel eggs that contain caramel marshmallow, brown sugar, and hazelnut, offering the perfect blend of two of the most exotic flavors. The cherry-on-top is the overall design of the Hazelnut Caramel egg that’ll instantly bring a smile to your kid’s face. 


So, that completes our list of the best chocolate gift ideas you can use to surprise your young ones this Easter sunday. It’s worth pointing out that chocolates are an all-time favorite of every kid. Along with these exclusive Easter-themed chocolate gift options, you can also explore other chocolate gift packages to make Easter extra special for your loved ones.