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Corporate Chocolate Gifting: How Chocolate Gifts Can Help Businesses WIth Client & Employee Retention

For any modern organization, retaining their valuable employees and clients is one of the major challenges. Of course, companies run marketing campaigns or organize in-house events to cater to both parties, but there are several practices you can follow to boost the overall retention rate. 

One such practice includes surprising both employees and clients with gift baskets as a gesture for putting their trust in you. As surprising as this may sound, these small gestures go a long way in nurturing professional relations in the corporate world. 

While there are multiple gift options to choose from, chocolates stay at the top of the list when we are talking about corporate gifting.Why?Because chocolates are readily available and everyone enjoys munching on their delicious sweetness and rich flavors. Not to mention, when you have the liberty to add a customized message to your chocolate box, the entire gift becomes more valuable. 

At Chocallure, we have always believed that chocolates are the most suitable gifts for every occasion. And, when it comes to corporate gifting, chocolate gift boxes become extra special as they deliver a touch of deliciousness to the recipients. As opposed to the conventional belief, chocolate gift boxes aren’t only limited to holidays either. You can use them for any occasion and stay assured that the recipient will feel overwhelmed after receiving them. 

To make your job easier, here are some of the chocolate gift boxes available at Chocallure that make the perfect corporate gift. 

1. Chocolate Jewel Box (24-Pieces)

A chocolate box that contains 24-different artistically-shaped jewels that look extremely stunning and delicious. Our chocolatiers have hand-crafted this exclusive chocolate box with rich flavors. 

In general, the box contains somewhere between 12-19 different flavors. However, all of these chocolate jewels are covered with Valrhona 62% dark chocolate, which gives them an exclusive richness. 

The cherry-on-top is different textures and shapes of each jewel that make the entire box look more stunning. Pair this box with a custom message and both your employees and clients will feel happy to receive it.

2. Chocolate-of-the-Month Club

As a business owner, you can send chocolate gifts to your employees and clients every month to make them feel cherished throughout the year. 

If that’s the case, our chocolate-of-the-month club is the most suitable option as you get monthly access to different chocolate boxes hand-crafted by our experts. Sending a different box of chocolate every month will help you cultivate long-term corporate relationships. 

3. Chocolate Jewel Box (12-Pieces)

The chocolate jewel box is also available in a 12-piece packing - a suitable and affordable corporate chocolate gift option for startups and small businesses. The box contains 12 different flavors available in our list, which means each bite will deliver a unique flavor. 


Chocolates have remained one of the most suitable gift options for every occasion and the same goes for corporate gifting. Gifting chocolate boxes will help you nurture better relations with both clients & employees and retain them for a longer period. Explore our corporate chocolate gift box collection to find the best gifts easily.