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Easy Onboarding Gift Ideas for New Employees

For employers, it’s extremely crucial to focus on employee retention, considering they are responsible for generating the entire revenue. And, as opposed to what you may have heard, employee retention begins on Day 1.

 The first impression your company leaves on the employees on the day of their joining will encourage them to contribute to the business growth in the long run. If you’ve been looking for unique and custom corporate gift ideas, continue reading. In this quick guide, we’ll share a list of the best and effective onboarding gift ideas you can use to engage new employees and boost overall productivity. 

So, without any further ado, let’s dive in.  

1. Chocolate Jewels

When it comes to corporate gifting, chocolates can be your best savior. There are very few people who don’t like chocolates and chances are all the new employees joining your office would love munching on delicious chocolates. 

However, instead of those conventional chocolate boxes, step up the game with our exclusive chocolate jewel box that contains delicious, artistic, jewel-shaped chocolates that deliver different flavors in each byte. You can further make your onboarding gift extra special by adding a custom message within the chocolate box. 

2. Headphones for Extra Focus

We’re living in a creative world and creativity is the only tool that can drive productivity in an organization. Studies have shown that listening to music is one of the most effective ways for employees to unleash their creative side and come up with new productive ideas. 

So, headphones on the first day could be a great gift to showcase your gratitude towards the employees. One of the best parts about buying headphones for corporate gifting is that you can avail special discounts while ordering them in bulk. But, make sure to buy a pair of headphones that’s comfortable and offers a decent audio quality. 

3. Hazelnut Praline Chocolate Bar With a Custom Welcome Card

If you don’t have the budget for headphones, don’t panic. You can still surprise your new employees with something special. 

Buy our hazelnut praline chocolate bar and pair it with a custom welcome card that contains a warm welcome message. This small gesture will showcase how much your organization values employees and you’ll be able to retain these new joinees easily. 

4. Gift Cards and Vouchers

If you have no idea about what the new employees may need, gift cards and vouchers will be the most convenient gift options to save the day. 

When it comes to gift cards, you have different options to choose from. Either buy gift cards for an online marketplace such as Amazon or get them for nearby restaurants and coffee shops. Either way, these gift cards will make great corporate gift ideas for new joinees. 


Here’s the deal; you don’t always need a high budget to engage new employees. A simple welcoming gift such as a chocolate jewel box or gift cards can go a long way into nurturing long-term employee engagement. Explore ourcorporate chocolate gift collection and find the perfect gift for your new employees.